How to Find the Best AIM Stocks

For the avid investor, the Alternative Investment Market, AIM in short, part of the reputable London Stock Exchange, has been since its launch in June 1995 a true gold-mine. Investors searching for less traditional investment opportunities, in companies which may be smaller but sometimes provide a better ROI, have been finding such opportunities within the more flexibly regulated AIM. Nowadays, more and more investors are competing in the race to find the best AIM stocks to invest into. But what makes a good AIM stock and what are the precautions that the investor has to take when investing?

Basically, all the traditional investing principles apply. However, due to the market’s more flexible regulatory system, the investor has to be far more careful when choosing an investment vehicle. Proper due diligence is a must but the potential rewards make it worthwhile. When trying to identify the best AIM stocks to invest into, a savvy investor will gauge the company’s as well as its staff’s reputations, the growth potential of the industry as well as the capability and resources available to the company.

With over 500 companies listed on AIM currently, the investors job of picking the best performing one is not the easiest in the world, but the rewards for a job well done can be outstanding. Find an industry you feel confident about, find a company you feel confident about, do your due diligence, analyze, invest. As simple or as difficult as that.

For example, in my case, I find myself particularly interested in the mining sector. As consumption and industries expand, they require more and more natural resources which are limited and become harder and harder to find. Thus, mining will be a sector with huge growth potential over the coming years. When looking for the best mining AIM stock I could find, I stumbled upon Great Western Mining, an Ireland based company which has been around for a while and now has a large tract of acreage in the Mineral County in Nevada, an area rich in gold, silver and copper. After a rocky second half of 2018, the stock is now on a clear growth trend and with the addition of a highly experienced Chief Geologist to their team back in 2018, combined with the fact that the company is now operating with assets they 100% own, the trend seems to carry on for the foreseeable future.

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