The Boss is a Real Train Wreck

I had to go track down the boss for the company. Ever since his wife caught him with the other woman he has been a wreck. Of course the other woman did not know about his wife, he had told her he was divorced. Apparently there were a couple of blonde escorts in Las Vegas as well. His wife got him cold cheating on her three different ways, obviously because she was not willing to pay him alimony. It was not as though everyone had not known that she was going to divorce him. The truth is that we are not expecting him to be the boss a lot longer. While he has been out doing all of this stuff, he really has not been taking care of business. Still we need him to show the clients that he has not fallen apart completely while he is on the 16th floor. When I found him he was wasted in a hotel that I would not have been found dead in. If I had been, I do not think I would have been the first stiff they pulled out of the place.

Almost at once I realized that he was not just drinking, but I was not sure what else he was on. I looked him over and found an injection site. It looked like someone had done it without much skill, there was a palm sized bruise there or else I probably would not have spotted it. I really did not know what to do, but I looked around and found the stuff. It was a white powder in a vial, there was a needle and a tourniquet in the same shaving kit with it. I still had no idea what to do and I called his sister up. She told me what it was and said he had picked up the habit from some girl.

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